In This Issue

January 2021 marked the third annual conference of the Paideia Center for Theological Discipleship at RTS Orlando, on the theme of the Christian Life. Because of Covid-19 restrictions the lectures were offered remotely to conference registrants. We are pleased to present two of the presentations in this issue, by Michael S. Horton and Scott Swain. (Dr. Horton’s lecture is adapted from chapter 11 of Justification, volume 1 by Michael Horton. Copyright © 2018 by Michael Horton. Used by permission of Zondervan.)

Paideia events for 2020-2021 will be on the theme of the City of God. More information about the Paideia Center, including regional reading groups, can be found on the Paideia Center website:

Also in this issue we begin a series on the five presentations that Dr. Ligon Duncan delivered at the John Reed Miller Preaching Lectures at RTS Jackson in November 2020, on the theme, “The Pastoral Ministry of Public Worship: Leading the Congregation in Reading, Hearing, Praying, Singing and Seeing the Word.” His first lecture is “Helping the Congregation to Hear the Word Preached.”