Volume 6 Issue 1

May 2021 | 62 pages


In This Issue

January 2021 marked the third annual conference of the Paideia Center for Theological Discipleship at RTS Orlando, on the theme of the Christian Life. Because of Covid-19 restrictions the lectures were offered remotely to conference registrants. We are pleased to present two of the presentations in this issue, by Michael S. Horton and Scott Swain.... READ MORE

Justification and the Christian Life

Michael S. Horton

Adapted from chapter 11 of Justification, volume 1 by Michael Horton. Copyright © 2018 by Michael Horton. Used by permission of Zondervan. Justification and the Christian life — this is where the rubber meets the road, isn’t it? Those of us who cherish this wonderful doctrine, rediscovered in the Reformation, can attest to the existential significance... READ MORE

The Psalms and the Christian Life

Scott R. Swain

The Psalms as handbook for the Christian life In his “Preface to the Revised Edition of the German Psalter” (1531), Martin Luther called the Psalms “a Little Bible, wherein everything contained in the entire Bible is beautifully and briefly comprehended.” In praising the Psalter this way, the German Reformer follows the example of what he... READ MORE

Metaphysics and the Interpretation of Scripture: A Reply to Daniel Treier

Craig A. Carter

In the last issue Dan Treier responded to my book, Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tradition. I thank him for doing so and I wish to offer a few thoughts in response so as to continue what I think is an important conversation about the importance of certain metaphysical commitments for the true interpretation of... READ MORE

Helping the Congregation to Hear the Word Read

J. Ligon Duncan III

This is the first of a five-part series of presentations on The Pastoral Ministry of Public Worship: Leading the Congregation in Reading, Hearing, Praying, Singing and Seeing the Word, delivered by Dr. Duncan at the John Reed Miller Preaching Lectures at RTS Jackson in November 2020. There is nothing more important in Christian public worship... READ MORE