A Model of a True Theologian: Howard Griffith, 1954-2019

When the RTS Orlando library inherited the vast personal library of Roger Nicole, among its 20,000 volumes was a small Banner of Truth publication that was a gift to Dr. Nicole. A grateful student, having recently graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, inscribed the following on November 10, 1982:

Dr. Nicole,

Thank you so much for the great help you have been in the formulation of my theological thinking and my outlook on the wonderful grace of God. Your insight into, love for, and extensive acquaintance with the history of theology and particularly Reformed theology have in many ways served to provide for me a model of a true theologian. How grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ I am for the tutelage in the doctrines of his grace!

This little book is nothing new, but it is a good articulation of the truth.

With warm appreciation in the fellowship of our Lord,  Howard Griffith

Howard Griffith would soon become founding pastor of All Saints Reformed Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia. After a 23-year tenure, during which he earned a PhD from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, he joined the faculty of Reformed Theological Seminary in Washington. From both pulpit and lectern Howard was a model of a true theologian for countless parishioners and students, as well as his colleagues. He was a faithful tutor in the doctrines of grace, and we give thanks for his ministry at the Seminary even as we continue to mourn his death last March.

In one of the last emails I received from Howard, he asked that we consider publishing a piece he wrote originally for another beloved mentor of his, Dr. Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., in a doctoral seminar at Westminster in 1995. We are delighted to include it in this issue.