Volume 4 Issue 3

December 2019 | 95 pages


A Model of a True Theologian: Howard Griffith, 1954-2019

When the RTS Orlando library inherited the vast personal library of Roger Nicole, among its 20,000 volumes was a small Banner of Truth publication that was a gift to Dr. Nicole. A grateful student, having recently graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, inscribed the following on November 10, 1982: Dr. Nicole, Thank you so much for... READ MORE

Celebrating the First Testament

Philip Graham Ryken

Editorial note: On November 6-7, 2018, Dr. Philip Ryken, President of Wheaton College, delivered the Hughes Preaching Lectures at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta, on the theme of “Fully Evangelical, Totally Biblical, Maximally Practical Homiletics.” What follows is an edited transcript of his second of four addresses. I invite you to turn in your Bibles... READ MORE

Recovering the Song of Songs as a Christian Text

Liam Goligher

Editorial Note: On July 16, 2018, Dr. Liam Goligher, Senior Minster of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, delivered the inaugural Paideia Center Summer Lecture at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. We are pleased to publish a transcript of his address. It’s a joy for me to be here at RTS Orlando, and a particular pleasure... READ MORE

The Hermit Who Saved the Hebrew Truth

John D. Currid

By the last half of the fourth century A.D., the Septuagint (LXX), the Greek translation of the Old Testament, was universally received as the authoritative Old Testament for the Christian Church.  In fact, it was thought to be of divine origin and divine inspiration.  Numerous theologians, such as Eusebius and Augustine, believed that the Apostles... READ MORE

Martin Luther’s Doctrine of Temptation

Howard Griffith †

“Living, nay rather dying and being damned make a theologian, not understanding, reading, or speculation.”[1] “I did not learn my theology all at once, but I had to search deeper for it, where my temptations took me.”[2] These intriguing words are attributed to Martin Luther, and they were not offhand statements. For Luther, more than... READ MORE

Geerhardus Vos’s Thomistic Doctrine of Creation

J. V. Fesko

Introduction The recent translation of Geerhardus Vos’s (1862-1949) Reformed Dogmatics has created great excitement among devotees to Vos’s biblical theology.[1] People have lauded Vos as the father of Reformed biblical theology and thus they have high expectations for Vos’s lectures on systematic theology.[2] What new insights might we glean from one of the Reformed tradition’s... READ MORE

Columbia Old and New: A Review Essay

Sean Michael Lucas

For many conservative Presbyterians, the professors and supporters of Columbia Theological Seminary represent a collection of theological giants. In the nineteenth century, the Columbia faculty had leaders like Howe, Jones, Smyth, Thornwell, Palmer, Leighton and Ruggles Wilson, Girardeau, and Adger. The story of “Old Columbia” has received treatment in the past, but finds a renewed... READ MORE


Matthew, Disciple and Scribe

Reviewed by: Brittain Brewer