In This Issue

Last October Reformed Theological Seminary joined the international Protestant world in marking the quincentennary of the Reformation with events on our campuses and other opportunities for faculty to speak on Reformation themes. A sample of those addresses is offered in this issue.  Michael Allen’s chapel address at Covenant College was part of that school’s fall Reformation series. The contributions by Blair Smith and Howard Griffith were parts of conferences at RTS Charlotte and RTS Washington, respectively. When Carl Trueman lectured at RTS Orlando, his remarks transcribed here took place during a lunch time conversation with faculty and students.

Michael Glodo’s short study inaugurates what we plan to be a regular feature in the journal: brief biblical-theological reflections on particular issues that come to bear in pastoral ministry.

Finally, we are pleased to publish a tribute to Herman Bavinck, originally given nearly a century ago. W. B. Kristensen’s 1921 eulogy to the great Dutch Reformed theologian was recently translated by RTS Orlando graduate Laurence O’Donnell.