Volume 8 Issue 2

Spring 2024 | 73 pages


In this Issue

Two translations of Herman Ridderbos on Romans 11 by Guy Prentiss Waters and Richard B. Gaffin Jr. will appear this summer in Reformed Theological Review, whose editors have kindly permitted us to publish them here as well, thereby extending their reach among North American readers. The articles by Ligon Duncan and Alex Mark are from... READ MORE

Herman Ridderbos and Romans 11 – Two New Translations

Guy Prentiss Waters, with Richard B. Gaffin Jr.

Forthcoming from Reformed Theological Review and published here with the kind permission of its editors. Introduction Guy Prentiss Waters Herman Nicolaas Ridderbos (1909-2007) was one of the premier Reformed New Testament scholars of the twentieth century. For most of his professional life (1943-1978), he served as Professor of New Testament at the Theological School of the Reformed... READ MORE

Doctrine and Devotion, Truth and Love, Faith and Practice: Witsius, Cunningham, and Warfield on Ministerial Preparation in Seminary

J. Ligon Duncan III

Introduction How are ministers made? That’s what seminary was invented to help do (by and alongside the Church), but theological education has lost its way in our time, and we need to return to the Scriptures and to the old paths to find our way home again.[1] What are seminaries for? Do we still need... READ MORE

Rhythms of Rest and Work in the Ministries of Douglas F. Kelly and William Still

Alex Mark

In my first encounter with Douglas Kelly in 2003, I was a relatively new Christian and he was a giant of the faith. Doing my best to impress him, I sought to assert how much I knew about Reformed theology. He did his best not to laugh at me. Instead, he decided to laugh at... READ MORE

A Puritan Critique of Contemporary Christian Nationalist Proposals

John S. Simons

Various Christian Nationalist proposals have received significant attention over the past few years. Several of these have explicitly or implicitly referenced New England puritanism in support of their argument that governments should implement moral legislation based on the Christian faith. However, the discussion of these proposals has not considered the ways in which the puritan... READ MORE