Volume 6 Issue 2

September 2021 | 53 pages


Who Lurks Behind Geerhardus Vos? Sources and Predecessors

J. V. Fesko

Over the years Geerhardus Vos (1862-1949) has been heralded as the father of Reformed biblical theology.[1] Along with this paternal crown, others have argued that Vos is “the finest Reformed theologian since Calvin” and that “within the boundaries of confessional Reformed theology, he advances that confessional theology with unparalleled insight.”[2] As it relates to Vos’s... READ MORE

Helping the Congregation Receive the Word Preached

Ligon Duncan

This is the second of a five-part series of presentations on The Pastoral Ministry of Public Worship: Leading the Congregation in Reading, Hearing, Praying, Singing and Seeing the Word, delivered by Dr. Duncan at the John Reed Miller Preaching Lectures at RTS Jackson in November 2020.   In this second lecture our focus is helping... READ MORE

Books That Merit Re-Reading: Competent to Counsel

James R. Newheiser, Jr

Last year marked the fiftieth anniversary of Jay Adams’ groundbreaking book, Competent to Counsel[1], which has sold about 400,000 copies and has been translated into many languages. In September 2020, Dr. Adams was presented a Festschrift honoring his unique contributions to biblical soul care over a half-century.[2] Two months later, he went to be with... READ MORE

Pastors and Counselors

Charles Malcom Wingard

This is a transcript of brief remarks delivered by Dr. Wingard, Professor of Pastoral Theology and Dean of Students at the RTS Jackson Senior Banquet on Mary 14, 2021. Tonight, I’ve been asked to offer a few words of encouragement to graduating counselors and pastors. So, here we go: I encourage you – counselors and... READ MORE

A Model for Ministry

Charles E. Hill

RTS Chapel, 5 May 2021 Paul, as you will remember, on his third missionary journey had settled and ministered in Ephesus for nearly three years (ca. 54-56). When he left, he travelled by foot to visit churches in Macedonia and Achaia, and then he set sail for Palestine and eventually to Jerusalem. From Miletus on... READ MORE

From the Periphery to the Center: American Presbyterians and Global Presbyterianism

D. G. Hart

A review essay of The Oxford Handbook of Presbyterianism, ed., Gary Scott Smith and P.C. Kemeny.  New York: Oxford University Press, 2019.  640 pp. $150.00. The largest Presbyterian communion in the United States, the PCUSA, began technically in 1789 with its first General Assembly, which convened in Philadelphia, the city that had also hosted the... READ MORE


John Calvin in Context

Reviewed by: Raymond A. Blacketer, PhD

Lead: 12 Gospel Principles for Leadership in the Church

Reviewed by: Charles Malcom Wingard