Volume 5 Issue 2

September 2020 | 66 pages


In This Issue

Included in this issue of Reformed Faith & Practice are selections from two new books. Guy Richard’s analysis of the covenant of redemption is a chapter from Covenant Theology: Biblical, Theological, and Historical Perspectives, a collection of 27 essays by members of the faculty of Reformed Theological Seminary. We offer Dr. Richard’s study to whet... READ MORE

The Covenant of Redemption

Guy M. Richard

Perhaps the most questionable element of historic federal theology is the covenant of redemption—the idea that there is a pre-temporal agreement between the persons of the Trinity to plan and carry out the redemption of the elect. Many people today have reservations about the biblical warrant for such an idea.[1] The biblical proof-texts employed to... READ MORE

Bavinck’s Christian Worldview: Context, Classical Contours, and Significance

Nathaniel Gray Sutanto

Many thanks, Dr. Scott Redd, and RTS DC, for this kind invitation to discuss Bavinck’s 1904 treatise on Christian Worldview. I’m thankful that we have before us today the first English translation of Bavinck’s important work, and for the privilege to discuss with you its content and significance. [1] My talk will fall under three... READ MORE

A Royal Table: God Fills Our Emptiness with His Kindness

Nancy Guthrie

Life can change in an instant. It can change with an unexpected phone call, a sudden move, a single decision, a simple conversation. Many of us can look back and identify the moment when the course of our lives was altered, for good or for bad. Sometimes it resulted from a choice we made or... READ MORE

Biblical Theology and Bible Studies in the Church: A Conversation with Nancy Guthrie

You are a woman on a mission. What is your mission? I am on a mission to infiltrate women’s Bible study in the local church with biblical theology. It’s my contention that even in churches in which women are getting a regular diet of biblical theology and redemptive history in what is being preached from... READ MORE