Volume 4 Issue 1

May 2019 | 70 pages


In This Issue

We feature three extended review essays in this issue, two of which are on particularly timely subjects. Dr. Gregory Lanier evaluates the latest (fourth) edition of fourth edition of William D. Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek: Grammar, with particular attention to the changes from the previous edition. Dr. Donald Fortson assesses Jemar Tisby’s analysis of... READ MORE

The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God: The Theological Foundations of Modern Science

James N. Anderson

The following is an edited version of the 2018 Tarwater Lecture, delivered at Queen’s University of Charlotte on October 29, 2018. Dr. Anderson wishes to express thanks to Michael and Ann Tarwater for their generous sponsorship of this lecture series designed to explore the intersection between faith and the sciences. As you may have surmised... READ MORE

The Care of Wounded Souls: The Pastoral Heart of the Reformation

Sean Michael Lucas

There is an important bit in the 2003 film, Luther, starring Joseph Finnes. Johann Tetzel has come to Juterbog, preaching his revival message of hell-fire and brimstone for those who remain in purgatory. However, Tetzel noted, there is a way out for German loved ones: purchase an indulgence, which will set them free. Tetzel applies... READ MORE

Upgrading to the Fourth Edition of Mounce’s Greek Textbook: A Review and Guide for Instructors

Gregory R. Lanier

Given that I had just finished another round of Greek I–II, a palpable sense of dread came over me when I saw a late-2018 advertisement for a new edition of the course’s textbook. Desiring to assess the damage that would be inflicted upon my lecture notes, quizzes, exams, and in-class examples by a revision to... READ MORE

Booknote: Meditations on Preaching by Francis James Grimké

Charles Malcolm Wingard

First year students at Reformed Theological Seminary Jackson are introduced to the remarkable life, ministry, and writings of Francis James Grimké through Thabiti Anywabile’s The Faithful Preacher: Recapturing the Vision of Three Pioneering African-American Pastors. Born in 1850 to a white South Carolina plantation owner and slave mother, Grimké lost his father at an early... READ MORE

A Genealogy of the Hymnal: A Review Article

Michael J. Glodo

Christopher N. Phillips. The Hymnal: A Reading History. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018. xv, 252 pp. $39.95. Cloth. Mention the word “hymnal” in a church context and reactions will vary between those who lament its loss and wish to return to the “good old days,” those who hope never to hold one again, and... READ MORE

The Color of Incomplete History: A Review Article

S. Donald Fortson III

Jemar Tisby, The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2019. 215 pages. $21.99, cloth. Given the contentious nature of discussions about race in our culture, I would like to begin this review article with a brief personal note. As a church historian, professional integrity requires that... READ MORE