Volume 3 Issue 3

December 2018 | 68 pages


In This Issue

This issue marks the completion of the third year of publication of Reformed Faith & Practice. We are grateful for the interest of our readers. This issue also begins what we plan to make an occasional feature on these pages. Porter Harlow’s reflection on the importance of Paul Ramsey’s book on Just War, published fifty... READ MORE

The Central Dogma: Order and Principles for Reformed Catholicity

Michael Allen

Reformed catholicity can easily appear aesthetic, regarding one’s preference for the antique or the exotic. Perhaps a bit more substantively, reformed catholicity can be identified as a methodological or formal program, a modus operandi for doing theology today. I want to explore its material grounds, however, by reflecting on how Reformed theology relates to the... READ MORE

The Scholastic Epistemology of Geerhardus Vos

J. V. Fesko

In a small recess of the twentieth-century Reformed tradition some disciples of apologist Cornelius Van Til (1895-1987) have claimed that the father of presuppositional apologetics founded his unique program on the biblical theological insights of Geerhardus Vos (1862-1949), particularly his epistemology. Despite the popularity of the claim, the recent publication of Vos’s Reformed Dogmatics presents... READ MORE

Books that Merit (Re)Reading: Remembering Paul Ramsey’s “The Just War”

J. Porter Harlow

The fiftieth anniversary of Paul Ramsey’s book, The Just War: Force and Political Responsibility, is an appropriate time to recognize its enduring impact upon the just war tradition and upon Christians trying to bring theology to bear on issues of war and political statecraft.[1] According to Dr. Keith Pavlischek, a retired Marine Colonel and graduate... READ MORE