Volume 2 Issue 3

December, 2017 | 86 pages


A Summit in Cambridge

Michael G. McKelvey

In 2015, four young scholars converged upon Cambridge, England. The group gathered at the invitation of the International Reference Library for Biblical Research, who organized and funded the event. The gathering, entitled “Young Scholars Summit,” was graciously hosted at Tyndale House (Cambridge), and two senior scholars, Daniel Fredricks (Bellhaven) and Richard Taylor (DTS), oversaw the... READ MORE

Is Psalm 8 a Messianic Psalm? Reading Psalm 8 as Christian Scripture

Andrew T. Abernethy

A dilemma arises for Christian readers of Psalm 8.[1] On its own, Psalm 8 is an unlikely candidate to receive the label “messianic.” It focuses mainly upon God’s ways with humanity in creation, not the Davidic office.[2] It ponders reality as it is now, not hopes for the future.[3] The NT, however, applies Psalm 8,... READ MORE

David the Prophet? Psalm 16 in Acts 2

Mariam Kamell Kovalishyn

“Since [David] was a prophet,” declares Peter in his Pentecost sermon, David knew when he wrote, “you do not give me up to Sheol, or let your faithful one see the Pit” that he was not referring to himself but to a future king.[1] Thus, Peter instructs us to read Psalm 16 Messianically, as a... READ MORE

Reading Psalm 40 Messianically

Brandon D. Crowe

I. Introduction[1] What makes a Psalm messianic? This is the question we have been tasked to answer. In this essay I will focus on the messianic interpretation of Psalm 40, specifically as it is used in Hebrews 10 in reference to the bodily sacrifice of Jesus Christ.[2] Given the explicit use of Psalm 40 in... READ MORE

The Messianic Nature of Psalm 118

Michael G. McKelvey

Introduction Psalm 118 has long been associated with the festival activities in Israelite tradition. Modern scholarship has tended to focus on the cultic and liturgical nature of the passage, especially as an entrance liturgy for worshippers coming to the temple. Other scholars have noted that it was written from the perspective of the Davidic king... READ MORE

Wisdom From Above: A Reformed Catholic Vision of Theological Education

Scott R. Swain

Editor’s Note – A convocation address delivered at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, on August 30, 2017. “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. Of his own will he brought us forth by the word of truth,... READ MORE