Volume 2 Issue 1

May, 2017 | 114 pages


In This Issue

In November 2016 Reformed Theological Seminary’s Houston campus hosted a conference on the doctrine of the Trinity, “Confessing the Triune God: Retrieving Nicene Faith for Today’s Church.” We are pleased to publish two of the addresses from that conference in this issue of Reformed Faith & Practice, by Michael Haykin of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary... READ MORE

Biblical Exegesis in Fourth-Century Trinitarian Debates: Context, Contours, & Ressourcement

Michael A. G. Haykin

In his masterful study of the unfolding of early Christian thought, Jaroslav Pelikan notes that the “climax of the doctrinal development of the early church was the dogma of the Trinity.”[1] And the textual expression of that climax is undoubtedly the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed that was issued at the Council of Constantinople (381), in which Jesus... READ MORE

Trinitarian Relations in the Fourth Century

D. Blair Smith

Introduction With the appearance in the first century of the Son of God in human form, there were obvious questions about his relationship to his Father. These were based on things he said – his talk (John 12:49); and these were based on things he did – his walk (John 5:19-20). While Christians worshiped Jesus... READ MORE

What Are We? Three Views on Human Nature

James N. Anderson

The following is adapted from the first of two lectures—the Fifth Annual B. B. Warfield Lectures—delivered in October 2016 at the invitation of Erskine Seminary and First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC. One of my enduring childhood memories of Sunday evenings in the Anderson household is the sound of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 floating across... READ MORE

Building Up the Body of Christ: Meditations on The Benedict Option

Michael Allen

Few books have garnered the kind of interest that Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option has received this year.[1] David Brooks recently called it “already the most discussed and most important religious book of the decade.”[2] Similarly, few books have been misperceived in quite the same way. Many have read it as an all-encompassing manifesto rather... READ MORE


Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels

Reviewed by: Robert J. Cara

Union with Christ

Reviewed by: Matthew S. Miller

The Perfectly Simple Triune God: Aquinas and His Legacy

Reviewed by: Christopher Cleveland

Two Views on Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church

Reviewed by: S. Donald Fortson III and Rollin G. Grams