Volume 1 Issue 2

September 2016 | 119 pages


“He Descended into Hell”

Charles E. Hill

Editor’s Note – This is a manuscript for chapel address delivered at RTS Orlando in 2010, as part of a series of messages on the Apostles’ Creed. I. The Dilemma of the Reformers Perhaps ever since the Reformation, the clause, “he descended into hell” in the Apostles’ Creed has been perceived as problematic. Speaking of... READ MORE

Pauline Parenesis

Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.

In March 2015, the Rev. Dr. Richard B. Gaffin Jr., Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Emeritus at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, delivered the annual Kistemaker Lectures at the Orlando campus of Reformed Theological Seminary. The topic of his four lectures was “Life-Giving Spirit: The Exaltation of Christ and Salvation in the Theology of Paul.”... READ MORE

Aquinas and Calvin on Predestination: Is There Any Common Ground?

Francis B. Cavalli

I. INTRODUCTION While Catholics and Protestants have long disputed the primary authority of Scripture, the doctrine of justification, and the nature of the sacraments, a comparison of viewpoints on the doctrine of predestination has received little attention in contemporary studies.[1] Although no uniform position on predestination exists among Catholic theologians, Thomas Aquinas’s discussion in his... READ MORE

A Vision of God, A Vision of Seminary

D. Blair Smith

I. Introduction: The Westminster Shorter Catechism and a Vision of God “To glorify God and enjoy him forever.” So answers the Westminster Shorter Catechism to the question of “What is the chief end of Man?” In his popular work, Desiring God, John Piper has brought the juxtaposition of ‘glorifying and ‘enjoying’ into widespread consideration in... READ MORE

Vatican II and the Confessional Reformed Community: Prospects and Difficulties for Service

Howard Griffith

Editor’s Note: The following brief address was part of a symposium “Vatican II, Remembering the Future,” sponsored by Georgetown University on May 23, 2015 on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). I would like to thank Dr. Mannion, and the other organizers of the conference, for their warm welcome... READ MORE

Is Biblicism Impossible? A Review Article

John M. Frame

Christian Smith. The Bible Made Impossible: Why Biblicism is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture. Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2011. xvi, 220 pp. I was attracted to this book by the author’s use of the term “Biblicism,” which I also used in my article “In Defense of Something Close to Biblicism.”[1] Smith himself read... READ MORE

Conversation with James White

James White

In January 2016, Dr. James R. White taught apologetics at the Charlotte campus of Reformed Theological Seminary, filling in during Dr. James Anderson’s sabbatical. During his visit to campus Dr. White was asked whether Christians and Muslims believe in the same God. “The question of whether Christians and Muslims believe in the same God has become central... READ MORE