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Volume 7 Issue 1

May 2022 | 90 pages


“Shall the Fundamentalists Win?” A Centennial Symposium

This May marks the one-hundredth anniversary of the sermon preached by Harry Emerson Fosdick, “Shall the Fundamentalists Win?” We offer five reflections on the sermon, its role in the Presbyterian controversy in the early twentieth century, and the lessons it bears for Presbyterianism in the twenty-first century. Harry Emerson Fosdick and the Spirit of Liberalism ... READ MORE

Harry Emerson Fosdick and the Spirit of American Liberalism

Kevin DeYoung

On May 21, 1922, Harry Emerson Fosdick took to the pulpit of Old First—the historic First Presbyterian Church (est. 1716) located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan—to deliver what would be his most famous sermon. The American church broadly, and the Presbyterian church specifically, were already divided into conservative and liberal camps. Fosdick’s sermon did not... READ MORE

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